How to Play

The Basics

Playing Hide and Seek is easy and fun!
This short guide will tell you all you need to know to jump into the action


Hide and Seek follows a pretty standard FPS movement scheme:

  • WASD to Move
  • Spacebar to Jump
  • Ctrl to Crouch – You do not make footstep sounds when crouching
  • Shift to Walk – You do not make footstep sounds when walking, but move slower
  • Left Mouse button to Tag (“Fire”)

If you aren’t already familiar with this setup, don’t worry! It’s simple!

Everyone can Jump, Crouch, and Walk, but only the Seeker can Tag.


As a Hider, your goal is to stay hidden and away from the Seeker until Base reopens for you to return.
Each consecutive round you escape, you will get more points.
Listen closely for footsteps to warn you when the Seeker is coming.
Use the environment to help you escape. Close doors, climb ladders, and turn down unexpected coridoors to keep away from the Seeker.

As a Seeker, your goal is to find each of the Hiders, or prevent them from returning to base.
During the second Phase of the game Base is closed. Use this time to search for the Hiders.
For each Hider you tag, you will get points. If you can tag several in a short period of time, you will get bonus combo points!
Any Hiders who do not make it back to Base before the end of the Round will give you points.

Playing Matches

Please note that each server’s values for each Phase will vary based on how the Host configures the server.

Each Match consists of several Rounds. After a timelimit expires, the Match will end and the server will change maps to the next in the rotation.

Each Round has the following Phases, in this order:

  • Counting – During this Phase the Seeker is frozen in Base and Hiders should find a nice place to Hide.
  • Hide Time – During this Phase, Base will be closed and all Hiders try to avoid being found by the Seeker.
  • Return to Base – Once the Hide Time ends, all remaining Hiders must attempt to make it back to base before time runs out.

After each of these Phases, or once all Hiders have been caught or returned to base, a new Round will start.
A new Seeker will be selected from the set of Hiders who were tagged.


Each map brings its own unique set of challenges and mechanics to the game.

Haunted House

A dark and spooky abandoned house full of surprises. There are multiple floors and a large outside area to hide in.

Hedge Maze

A large, close quarters hedge maze with an underground tunnel system that can take you to unexpected hiding spots.

Halloween Hedge Maze

A Halloween themed version of the Hedge Maze with some new spooky treats!

Space Station

A large multi-level space station, complete with teleporters, crawlspace vent systems, and robotic drones!