Hide and Seek was developed by a lone developer. I’m not an artist, level designer, sound engineer, 3d rendering expert, just a developer.
I hope it will grow to become a large game with lots of players as it expands, gets more content and gameplay depth.
What you see in the initial 1.0 release is the accumulation of over 2400 hours of work spanning 26 months. Working on it on weekends and after my full time job…as a developer. The initial release target was August 2016. Because of some polishing issues and feature creep, it was delayed until these issues were resolved and additional features added. Hide and Seek entered public beta on 23 Jan 2017, and was Greenlit on 24 Jan 2017.
Update! – Hide and Seek went live on Steam on August 31st 2017.

Hide and Seek is a free to play first person multiplayer (currently PC only) 1 vs many game, in a classic format. Everyone is familiar with the concept of Hide and Seek, however it’s always the community of multiplayer games building levels, mods, and “hacky” solutions to playing hide and seek on some existing game. This is my attempt at resolving this.

Hide and Seek runs on a Server/Client model. Meaning someone has to host a server, then clients can connect to that server and play. Lucky for you, anybody can “be a server”! Click “Host Game” on the main menu – now you are hosting your own server, which will show up on the server list for others to join. Don’t want random people to come in your server? Don’t worry! You can put a password on your server to prevent any randoms from joining your super secret club! The provider of the server list doesn’t have your password, so nobody can steal it from you!

Developed on Unity 5 Unity 2017 with UNET Networking.

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