Devblog 6 – January 1 2018

Happy New Year!

Reflection on December

As you have noticed, there was no patch released in December :). I was hoping to release it some time between Christmas and New Years however there were a couple issues in testing that I haven’t quite resolved yet so in the next week or so I should be able to push that out.
I’m really excited for all the stuff in this patch and really want to get it out to you all.

Looking Forward

I want to change how I handle Devblogs and Patches. With the current paradigm I am “rewarded” for promising to do smaller tasks that can be released within a month so on the following devblog I can write “look at all these cool things I have delivered in the last month”.
While this is cool and has been beneficial to the overall health of the game, since there was a need for all of these smaller tasks, it also prevents me from working on the longer term items, or what we call “technical investment” time. 
With the next patch Hide and Seek will be in a much more stable state. At that time I will begin focusing on longer term items.

Of course, I will address any issues reported as quickly as possible. Please report any issues on the Community Hub bug report section, or send me an email at [email protected] 

Longer Term Items

Here’s the list of longer term items that I know I will be working on.

  • Space Station Level – This one is the most complete of the longer term items. My best guess on when it will be done is still several months out. 
  • Skills – a different set of skills for both Hiders and the Seeker. I don’t have anything at this moment finalized so I won’t go into details.
  • Animation Updates – As stated in the last devblog, I see a lot of people being confused about the game saying “it’s weird” or something like that. As far as I’m told it may be related to the animations.
  • First person view updates (click to see a preview) – I’d like to allow you to see yourself, and have the flashlight not just appear out of nothingness.
  • Sprays – Being able to spray a logo or decal onto objects is always fun and I’d like to add that. 🙂
  • Taunts/Emotes – These are fun so I’d like to allow you to do this on command.
  • Voice Lines – Having auditory feedback is always good for immersion

As always, I’d love to hear from you about what improvements or features you would like to see made. You can: