Patch Notes Patch Notes


Here’s the short list of updates, scroll down to read full details about each topic.

  • Hedge Maze got a minor performance improvement. Haunted House got a giant performance improvement (like a factor of 3 or 4 in the previously-really-bad spots). 
  • AFK players will be automatically kicked, so don’t go away in the middle of a round.
  • Chat Commands are here!
  • Chat Panel got a little UI rework.
  • Mature Language filter is here and enabled by default. Go to settings to turn it off.
  • There’s now a way to bring back up the “How to play” popup.

Hedge Maze

  • You should see a relatively minor performance improvement on the Hedge Maze. this is attributable to some improperly configured trees, and also from what was done on the Haunted House which I’ll talk about in that section.
  • The grass detail also extends farther out so you should see..grass farther away when looking outside the level.

Haunted House

Really a giant performance improvement. On my test machine the performance went up 3-4x. In the front yard, looking towards the house, previously I got around 50 cpu fps. With this patch I now get like 160 cpu fps. 
Same story in the back yard, previously it was like 45, now 160. 
2 factors influenced this.

  • The most impactful was smarter lighting control. All the realtime lights don’t need to be casting perfect shadows if you can’t even see them, so I have implemented a Dynamic LOD System for realtime lights which vastly improves performance as you can see here.
  • The second, you’ll notice there are fewer leaves laying around. This was like a 20 cpu fps overhead for some reason so until I can figure out what’s happening there, I removed them.

Also LODs for books have been adjusted so they pop in less.

Chat System Update

In chat, you can now type commands! Here’s the list:

  • /help – displays help about what commands are available. Displays only to you.
  • /all [message] – send this text to all chat
  • /team [message] – send this text to your team chat
  • /timeleft – view time left in the match
  • /nextmap or /nextlevel – view the next map in the rotation
  • /disconnect – disconnect from the current server and return to the main menu
  • /quit – exit the application

Typing /anythingelse will still send that message.

Chat System now has a Mature Language Filter. This is enabled by default and can be turned off in the Settings menu.

The UI of the Chat Panel was tweaked to be a little cleaner.

General Improvements

  • Players who are AFK will now be automatically kicked from the server. This will ensure an AFK seeker doesn’t waste a ton of your time. Players will be warned many times before they are actually kicked. thanks D-Train for the bug report 🙂
  • At the top right of the screen there is now an icon to bring back up the “How to Play” popup you are presented when you first launch the game. Previously if you asked to stop being presented with this popup there was no way to view it again.