Patch Notes Patch Notes

Overview Here’s the short list of updates, scroll down to read full details about each topic. Hedge Maze got a minor performance improvement. Haunted House got a giant performance improvement (like a factor of 3 or 4 in the previously-really-bad spots).  AFK players will be automatically kicked, so don’t go away in the middle of […]


Hide and Seek Patch is live!

Patch is now live and on steam! Patch highlights: Massive performance increase on the Haunted House Minor performance increase on Hedge Maze Auto kick AFK players Chat commands Mature Language Filter Check out the full patch notes on the Steam Community Hub


Devblog 4 – November 10 2017

Reflection on October October was a relatively successful month in terms of feature commitment->delivery. However it was also a relatively small commitment, and I did not deliver the chat commands (though technically those weren’t promised on a timeline…).The new Post Processing stack is available with the Halloween Update, and it looks pretty nice. The Halloween […]