Patch Notes



Halloween Update! A reskinned version of the Hedge Maze is now available (and on rotation on the server I am hosting)! Watch the trailer here!
Some minor optmizations were made to the Haunted House. And, the new Post Processing Stack is now here, which includes motion blur so if you like, it’s at the bottom of the Graphics Menu.

I will be hosting 2 servers for at least a couple of weeks – 1 for Halloween Hedge Maze only, and 1 with all 3 maps on rotation.

Halloween Hedge Maze

A dark and spooky version of the Hedge Maze! Filled with pumpkins, spider webs, spiders, and ghostly skeletons! And a flying Witch!

  • Totally reskinned the level with new textures, dark lighting, and lamps are on to provide targeted light
  • Atmopsheric fog
  • Smashable Pumpkins
  • Spider webs throughout the maze
  • Underground tunnels got a new look and more detail in general
  • Patrolling Spider – if it runs into you, you will be briefly frozen in fear!
  • 2 Wandering Ghostly Skeletons – if they run into you, you will be briefly frozen in fear!

Improvements/Other Changes

  • Hedge Maze got some small graphical improvements from the Halloween Hedge Maze
  • Minor optimizations on Haunted House
  • New Post Processing stack – more effects, motion blur is available, and all existing (Bloom, AA, and SSAO) will look different, arguably nicer.
  • More logging improvements
  • Significant Performance improvements to Hats Gallery
  • More interesting grass setup on Hats Gallery