Devblog 3 – October 1 2017


Hey all, I am going to Poland for the next week. I will be back on the 8th. Unfortunately that means until then I will not be able to be very responsive, will not be doing development on Hide and Seek, and will be much less attentive to the Dedicated Server I am hosting.

Reflection on September

I think the patches in September were pretty successful. The only remaining item promised was the upgraded post processing stack (which includes motion blur). I think most players actually won’t notice the difference unless provided a side-by-side comparison, but image quality enthusiasts should be happy with the new result.
The performance patch vastly improved the general case performance of Hide and Seek, and also vastly improved loading times & application responsiveness while loading.
The Halloween Hedge Maze map is mostly complete, I need to do some private testing to ensure everything works well, but for the most part I think it is complete.
Also some critical network-related bugs were squashed during this month.

There are still some outstanding issues that I would really like to fix. Most importantly, this “rounds don’t start” bug is a pretty big one that requires some specific set of circumstances that appear to happen after the server has been up a while, but I cannot reproduce it so far on my own. 
I have made targeted improvements to logging on dedicated servers to help me identify this and hopefully then eliminate it completely.

Looking Forward

Again, everything here is what I plan to be immediately working on. Depending on how long each one takes they may or may not all get done in October, especially with me being gone for a week and losing 2 weekends for travel. But we’ll see how it goes.

Halloween Hedge Maze

In October I’m planning to release the Halloween Hedge Maze level. It’s mostly a reskin with some additional fun things. Gameplay in general should be pretty similar to what you would expect from the Hedge Maze.

Post Processing Stack

As promised in September this is something I want to implement, just need to actually get time to do it. The advantages will be better performance from post processing effects, better image quality out of them, and also Motion Blur will be available in Video Options (though it will be turned off by default because I hate it)

Dedicated Server Improvements

As I started mentioning in the Reflection on September section, there are still some issues with the Dedicated Server, which is why I still am calling it “in Beta“.
So I’m hoping to be able to resolve all of these issues and have really a rock solid Dedicated Server solution. This involves both improving the overall stability of the Dedicated Server, as well as functional/”Quality of Life” improvements to the Server Administration Panel.

Chat System Improvements

I see some people typing commands at some point into the Chat window. This is actually something I was hoping to bring kind of as a surprise so…SURPRISE! I do plan on adding some commands to the Chat System to allow you to query for some info about the game.
At the moment I’m considering:

  • /all and /team to change chat channels in addition to the Y & U you can do today
  • /disconnect to leave the current server
  • /help to display a list of commands
  • /nextmap to display what the next level will be. At this point it’s probably not so helpful, but in the longer term probably it will be nice
  • /timeleft to display time remaining in the match (before level swap)

Feel free to leave a comment about what other commands you would like to see and I can see what it would take to implement those as well.

Longer Term


Yes I am still going to add Skills. I haven’t actually had time to work on them since last devblog, but I really do want to add them. Both Hiders and Seekers should have some abilities that make it more interesting and maybe you’re not totally screwed when the Seeker sees you in some circumstances ;).

Space Station Level

This is still in the works (yes I did actually work on this one recently). No ETA yet. There’s still a lot to do, and even then… Once I think the level design is complete and all objects are correctly set up to work on the network, then I have to do a few rounds of testing/tweaking/fixing before it will be put in front of you all.

Na razie 🙂