Patch Notes Patch Notes


As stated in the Devblog related to this patch, this patch is mostly focused on performance optimizations. Please read that post if you want a complete breakdown on what was done, why it was done, and what kind of gains were achieved on my standard test system.


  • Hedge Maze & Haunted House now heavily utilize LOD & distance culling objects
  • Hedge Maze & Haunted House now has baked AO in addition to optional SSAO
  • Hedge Maze & Haunted House Lighting performance optimization especially related to static lights
  • Hedge Maze birds are now basically free from a performance perspective
  • Haunted House networked objects are now automatically spawned – on first load of level you should no longer have a several second period of low fps while objects are spawned and physics calculated for hundreds of objects
  • Haunted House now has more aggressive occlusion culling
  • Loading levels should happen much faster now and application should far less often look like it has crashed when loading assets.
  • Player Spawning now uses a single network call instead of a call chain that resulted in unexpected server behavior if user disconnected before chain was complete.

Bug Fixes

  • On immediate disconnect from server on loading screen players should no longer get stuck “loading” – actually doing nothing
  • Players missing the jump from barrels outside the Haunted House kitchen, into the sliding windows should no longer get stuck in the wall
  • Players can no longer use the teleporter on Hedge Maze from below
  • Some server player management optimization that should prevent dead connections from persisting and filling up the connection queue, preventing new players from connecting (this actually caused part of point 1)


  • Engine upgraded to 2017.1
  • Higher quality water on all levels with water
  • Added back button to loading screen in the (now) unlikely event players get stuck there
  • Added more space on Server Tiles for the Server Name