Patch Notes Patch Notes is now live.

Bug Fixes

  • Haunted House – Piano’s collider now properly blocks uncrouching and thus you should not get pushed into the wall when hiding by it
  • Haunted House – Outside patrolling spider is now walking instead of gliding
  • Haunted House – Fix Z-Index fighting 
  • Hedge Maze – Players can no longer teleport through the floor from the underground area
  • Loading Screen – Password prompt now automatically gains focus
  • Players who leave after being tagged will no longer be chosen to be seeker causing a false start round
  • When you are disconnected from the server on the loading screen you will now return to the main menu
  • Servers retain their ping color (green/orange/red) after players select a different server instead of defaulting to green.
  • When kicking or banning players the Steam Session is properly ended so server will now properly report the number of connected players after taking administrative action.
  • Players should get stuck in the falling animation far less frequently (hopefully never)


Beta – Dedicated Servers
I’ve only done limited testing but it appears to be working correctly.
To host a Dedicated Server:

  • Login with a dummy steam account – a valid steam session is still required at this time. 
  • Launch Hide and Seek
  • Click Host Game
  • Select the “Server Only (beta dedicated server)” checkbox.
  • Configure server & click Host Game

How to Host a Server Guide is also updated with details.

You will see the Server Administration panel (the same panel you see when you are a Host and press ~) that allows you to kick/ban/unban & send messages
The GPU requirements for this are minimal.

I’ve only done limited testing but it appears to be working correctly.
To host a Dedicated Server:

Other Enhancements

  • Smoother position interpolation so in general there should be much less stuttering movement
  • Notification shown to player who tries to go into base and is not allowed (and teleported back out)
  • Double clicking a server on the server list will connect you to that server
  • Players can no longer attempt to join a full server – when 8/8 listed you will receive an error message
  • When players connect and disconnect a message is now logged to chat.
  • FPS Cap slider on Graphics Menu – this will default to 60. Range from 30 to 200.