Patch Notes

Devblog 1 – September 2017



As promised in my Introduction & Post-Release entry, I want to keep everyone updated on what I plan to be working on so it’s clear the direction Hide and Seek will be going.

I’m going to try monthly entries like this and see how it goes. If it’s too infrequent I’ll consider shortening the time. That does not mean there will only be monthly patches/updates, just that I will only be posting about the direction and explicitly calling out what I will be working on.

Updates since last entry

If you followed the development pre-release, the only real goal since the 27th was to release in August, which was achieved (barely :p).

Work Items

Bug Fixes
In September my primary goal is to fix bugs from the feedback received post launch. On the first day there was so much testing happening from everyone it really was great and an eye-opener on different perspectives and as a result many bugs and usability issues were raised. Some of these have already been resolved in the patch. There are still some more so I’ll be working on those as well

New Features
Dedicated Server hosting – This is something I really think will improve the overall experience for all players. This should result in there always being some servers up instead of relying on someone to take the initiative to host a server locally. When I upgraded Unity engine version to 5.6 the dedicated server functionality was broken so I’m going to try to find out what happened here and what is necessary to fix it.

Framerate Cap – I’ve wanted to do this for a while since the game typically will use 100% of your GPU, and artificially capping FPS is a good way to reduce this load.

Motion Blur – This is something I always turn off, but some people like it. Also when running at lower FPS it can smooth out the experience so I want to add this as well.

Halloween Level – I think it would be really cool to have a Halloween themed version of the Hedge Maze for an event so I’m going to start on this and hopefully can complete it in time to release it for a Halloween patch

Longer Term
Skills – As some reviews have pointed out, the Seeker’s only advantage is faster movement. In order to add some more depth to the gameplay I’m working on adding usable skills to both the Hiders and Seeker. I started working on this a while ago but it’s definitely not far enough along to share any other details other than both sides will have skills that should make it more interesting. I don’t have a timeline since nothing has been balanced or tested with anyone else

Space Station Level – Probably I won’t be working on this in September, but wanted to mention that it is “in progress” and I think will be another fun level that’s totally different from the Haunted House and Hedge Maze levels.