Patch Notes Patch Notes

This build is now live. Please make sure you close the game and get the update before trying to join or host a new server.

Bug Fixes

  • Unblock the Host Game Button so it’s not so tricky to click. 
    This also applies to all other menus that were affected by the same issue
  • Players should get stuck in a perpetual falling/jumping animation less frequently, there is still some more work to be done to completely eliminate this issue
  • Kicking/banning players should now correctly work even when said player is in an invalid connection state
  • Vastly improved tagging hit detection 
    Tagging people on higher elevations, lower elevations, and crouched players should be significantly more responsive
  • Pressing the X on password popup now correctly returns you to the Main Menu
  • Fixed improper text on first run for Host Game level selector
  • Fixed a small portion of misaligned ceiling on Haunted House 
  • Servers should now correctly report the number of players actively connected
  • Haunted House has less grass sticking through the floor
  • Haunted House decorative leaves no longer prevent footsteps from playing

General Improvements

Round events and status changes are now clearly communicated to players via the messaging system (top center of screen, where Tag/Escape events appear).
This was something that was desperately needed, especially for new players. In most rounds first time players were very confused on what was happening and what they should be doing.

How to Play Instructions
Similarly to the Messaging area. New players were not clear on their objective, what was happening, and why things were happening the way they were. On launch you will now be greeted with a How to Play window with the basics.
This will be displayed until you uncheck the “Show on startup” checkbox.

Prompt players to Host their own Server
When no servers are found it seems players get dismayed and quit. Now there is an easy option from the Join Game server list inviting players to Host their own server when none are found.

Show current build
This can be found at the bottom right of the Main Menu screen. Also when connecting to a server that is running a different build than you, Hide and Seek will inform you of the mismatch, if you need to update or the server does.