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  • Space Station Progress Update
    It’s coming along really well! Here’s some in-development screenshots of the level. Not only is it the best looking level (if I do say so myself :)), it is also […]
  • Hide and Seek Turns 1!
    Today Hide and Seek turns 1 year old! It’s been a great journey so far for me and a huge learning experience. There was a rocky start for the servers, […]
  • Patch Notes
    Overview The UI has been almost completely rewritten from scratch. Every menu, every HUD element, and the logic behind it all. This was the main purpose of this patch. In […]
  • Devblog 6 – January 1 2018
    Happy New Year! Reflection on December As you have noticed, there was no patch released in December :). I was hoping to release it some time between Christmas and New […]
  • Volumetric Lighting, Multiple Scattering, and Fog
    A very nice guy over on the Unity Forums made an Open Source SSMS implementation and after seeing it I just had to add it to Hide and Seek :). […]
  • Devblog 5 – December 4 2017
    Reflection on November November was an unsuccessful month for me. I said I was going to do the UI/Menu Updates, along with some other stuff that was mostly already done, […]